The SABRE Centre is a strategic alignment of existing research and innovation activity within the Department of Architecture & Built Environment at South East Technological University (formerly WIT). The Centre incorporates three established Research Groups (aRCH, BIMC and iBERG) which have been active for over a decade, together with individual ‘self-tasked’ research staff. The Centre ensures greater coordination, critical mass, capacity and impact across a number of key connected themes. It has enabled successful targeting of significant funding opportunities at local, regional, national and EU/international levels.

The SABRE Centre builds upon the extensive network of industry partnerships that have been established over the 52-year history of WRTC, WIT and now SETU. Many of these partnerships have been supported at local, regional and national levels by Enterprise Ireland and the professional bodies (Engineers Ireland, RIAI, CIAT, SCSI, CIOB, CABE, Energy Institute). These partnerships also include the extensive alumni networks for the relevant disciplines, many of whom are operating at very senior levels across the sector in Ireland and internationally.

The Centre’s academic partnerships are well established both at home and abroad, including the active membership of the Build Digital Project and the HCI-P3 Resilient Design. On the international stage, SABRE’s partnerships include ERASMUS+ partners, as well as the upcoming active membership of EU Conexus.

SABRE has a strong presence and impact on its local communities, with effective partnerships with our Local Authorities and Communities, particularly in Waterford and the South East of Ireland. These partnerships are crucial to the positive impacts at city and regional levels of relevant research and innovation, all of which is core to the new SETU. Among the key required transitions is Waterford’s journey to ‘Climate Neutral & Smart City’ status, with a particular focus on its buildings and infrastructure (existing and new/planned development).

Also, one of the key objectives of SABRE is to further enhance the Department’s ‘research-informed-teaching’ and plays a key role in ensuring that the knowledge and activities at PhD, Masters and Degree are aligned across the Department.