Lean Construction, MMC & Project Management

Minimalism isn’t just a popular design concept. The notion of doing more with less has integrated itself into countless industries. The pressure to achieve greater results with fewer resources is immense, and the construction industry isn’t immune to it. Projects have grown more complex and challenging over time with tighter timelines, regulations and budgets. These factors are often layered with new materials, intricate processes, and customisation requests. It all has the potential to add up to high costs, inefficiencies, and waste.

Lean thinking maximises customer value while minimising waste. It focuses on increasing value for the customer while employing fewer resources and creating less waste. Lean Construction management principles allows companies to do more with less while delivering high-quality output to customers. The real opportunities for impact across the Built Environment is through Lean process optimisation, and operational excellence using technology, analytics, and human-centred design for enhanced efficiencies and productivity. Embracing the digital transformation of lean manufacturing and services is becoming crucial to a nation’s competitive advantage because it represents a real opportunity for improving productivity growth by enabling innovation and reducing the costs of a range of business processes.

Among the key Irish organisations that SABRE will continue to work closely with is Lean Construction Ireland – www.leanconstructionireland.ie and Enterprise Ireland – www.enterprise-ireland.com/en/Productivity/Lean-Business-Offer. These activities will also continue to advance in partnership with colleagues in the RIKON Centre – www.rikon.ie and its associated Lean Industry 4.0 (LI4) DAC.

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